Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sunburst Oranges Quality Matters

On Tuesday we normally publish a recipe using Sunburst Oranges or Sunburst products with other ingredients to make a fun and delicious snack or meal.

We have received a few questions about those ingredients we list.  Overall the questions is when you call for Sunburst products is it okay to substitute something else.

The first step in answering that basic question is a definition of the meaning of a recipe… a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required. Something that is likely to lead to a particular outcome.

Some folks will try a recipe and make a major substitution (sea food for chicken, say) and then not have a good outcome and think the recipe is at fault.  Some combinations of ingredients seem to work better than others.  But since we all have different tastes all bets are off if you look for 100% acceptance or agreement.

A recipe is a set of guidelines that are meant to lead to a tasty experience.  When you change what goes into a recipe you will change the outcome.  Modify a recipe to meet you taste or the ingredients you can get it may change the taste and other results to what you can expect.  

So the quick answer is if you make a change to a recipe you may well alter the outcome.  We recommend certain products because we have good results when we use them.  Also a measured amount using a certain ingredient may well be very different when a substitute is used.

Many of our recipes call for Redmond Trading Company Real Sea Salt (or other of their fine products).  We have been using their products for about three years and it is the best product we have found. If you do a substitute here you may find the recipe too salty or not salty enough because your substitute will have a different concentration or base taste.

If you buy an orange at a local grocery store you will have no idea where or how it was grown.  In some grocery stores you may not even know what variety of orange you are buying.  Overall oranges taste, sweetness and juice amount will vary from orange to orange.  But when the source and storage of that orange is also an unknown you have to consider.

It doesn’t matter whose recipe you are following try to stay with the listed ingredients and directions, the first time, so you can truly judge the recipe and know what you can expect when you do the recipe again.  Yes, after you try a recipe you should feel free to make alterations to more closely suit your likes and your family’s tastes.

So next week we will feature a new recipe to hopefully inspire your new cooking ideas.

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