Friday, May 2, 2014

Sunburst Orange Blossom Honey

Sunburst Oranges is proud to announce we have added Sunburst Orange Blossom Honey!

Pure, Raw California Honey created in the Orange Blossoms of the San Joaquin Valley. 16 oz. Glass Jar made in USA $8.00

Adding honeybees to the orchards creates a nice partnership between our orange growing and the bees. We want the highest possible production in our groves, whereas the beekeepers want an early spring crop to build up strong hives for the upcoming pollination season.

The resulting Orange Blossom Honey has a light touch of citrus taste that varies somewhat according to the variety of oranges grown.  In addition, Orange Blossom Honey tastes so much sweeter than other honeys (and cane sugar), that you don't need much of it to sweeten your teas and other treats!

Honey is not only an excellent sugar alternative but it helps boost your energy, soothe your skin, support heart health, and promote beneficial bacteria.

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Sunburst Packing Co.
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Porterville, CA  93257

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