Thursday, May 8, 2014

Natural Vitamin Delivery From Eating Whole Foods

As a subtitle we might say your choice is eat an Orange or Pop a Pill. But what way is best?

One of the problems with vitamin pills is that lots of your dollars get flushed away in the form of an attractive and mighty expensive green-yellow excretion. Your cells actually get precious little of the true vitamin. 

Study how the nutrients of raw fruits and vegetables are assimilated into the body. Sugars like fructose in fruit act as a delivery system for a variety of micronutrients including vitamins. And they do a much better job of it than a typical vitamin pill. God already had the working process.

The vitamins that occur in whole foods are integrally related to a large diversity of other naturally occurring molecules that assist absorption and assimilation. When vitamins are isolated and packaged into pills, they are poorly absorbed and can even cause imbalances in body chemistry. There is no such thing as an isolate in nature. It is completely man-made.

A new buzz word in the vitamin industry is the word “cofactor.” Vitamin C derived naturally from plants has cofactors in the form of bioflavonoids. They increase the bioavailability of vitamin C by 30 percent. There are many cofactors, scores yet to be discovered, that are naturally found in food. They work hand in hand, helping the human body absorb essential nutrients. They may not be recognized as essential, but their job of making essential nutrients more digestible and therefore vital to human digestion and health.

Vitamins in our food certainly helps protect us from illness. A recent study reported in The Lancet found that increasing daily intake of vitamin C from fruit and vegetables by just 50g - two pieces of broccoli or fruit - reduced the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, heart attack and cancer.

But this study raises doubts whether vitamins, given in supplement form, can provide any benefit, let alone an extra benefit.

In the Heart Protection Study at Oxford University, researchers tracked 20,000 people. Half were given daily doses of vitamin C, vitamin E and beta carotene for five years, the other half were given dummy pills.

Those taking the vitamins had no more protection against heart attack, stroke or cancer than those taking the dummy pills and there was no extra benefit to eye or bone health.

Remember what Mom said, Eat your fruits and vegetables.  The FDA recommends eat two servings of fruits everyday. Try to make at least one of them Sunburst Oranges, just saying….

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