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More Fun Facts About Oranges from Your Friends at Sunburst Oranges

Did You Know?

An orange tree is a small tropical to semi-tropical, evergreen flowering plant. It can reach a height of about 15 to 24 feet. Oranges are seasonal fruits. A typical orange can be two to four inches in diameter, and weigh six to eight ounces. 

Oranges are actually highly modified berries, containing volatile oil glands in pits. The pulpy mass is made up of carpels, that have many fluid-filled vesicles, which are nothing but specialized hair cells.

One of the individual female reproductive organs in a flowering plant. A carpel is composed of an ovary, a style, and a stigma, although some flowers have carpels without a distinct style. In origin, carpels are leaves (megasporophylls) that have evolved to enclose the ovules. The term pistil is sometimes used to refer to a single carpel or to several carpels fused together. From the orange blossoms these gone on to form the interior parts of the orange fruit.

The flowers of an orange tree are white in color and have a wonderful fragrance. The blooming period of flowers is in spring. The orange fruit ripens in the fall thru winter months.

Oranges go back around four thousand years. Oranges were traded and found their way to Roman soil by around 200 BC. 

Sour oranges were introduced to the Arabs by the tenth century A.D. The Portuguese came up with a new variety of orange called the Portugal orange. It is thought that Christopher Columbus was the first person to bring the seeds of orange to America during his second voyage in 1493. 

By 1820, orange grooves were thriving in St. Augustine, Florida area. In 1873, three orange trees were brought from Brazil and planted in Riverside, California. It is interesting to note that one of those trees is still alive and bearing fruit, even today. Every navel orange grown and eaten in California is a descendant of this tree.

There is a tiny fenced-in park with a marker and its own parking area. Can all of the traffic at this busy intersection be good for the tree?

Address: 7115 Magnolia Ave., Riverside, CA
Directions: On the southwest corner of Arlington and Magnolia Aves. Riverside Fwy exit onto Arlington Ave., drive west, then take the second left onto Magnolia Ave. The parking area is on the right, just past the tree.

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