Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sunburst Oranges and the Porterville Chamber of Commerce Mixer

On April 29th 2014 Sunburst Packing Company became a member of the Porterville Chamber of Commerce.  

On May 2nd the First Friday Chamber Coffee event was co-sponsored by the Porterville Public Library and the Friends of the Library. Librarian Vikki Cervantes and representatives of the Library and the Friends posed for a photo. 

As a new Chamber member Sunburst Packing Co representatives Kristen and Shann Blue are pictured with Rob Taylor owner of Stafford's Famous Chocolates. They were on hand to introduce Sunburst Oranges new Chocolate flavor, Sunburst Orange Truffles.  There were many community members that were in attendance at the event.

Shown here at the Porterville Chamber of Commerce mixer is the display of the new orange truffles. 

Sunburst Orange Truffles are bursting with flavor and topped with real orange zest.  These decadent Truffles come in two size boxes. They are made using a semisweet dark chocolate that is 50% cocoa solids. This chocolate is called Burgundy Dark Chocolate. It has a reddish cast and a fruity, winey flavor note. This is our most popular dark chocolate.

Sunburst Orange Truffles are so creamy and indulgent, bursting with luscious Sunburst Orange flavor. These creamy melt-in-your mouth dark chocolate truffles are made with the very best cocoa by masterful chocolatiers, of course, making them a true delicacy of California orange chocolate taste sensations.

These new Sunburst Orange truffles are available on the website in two different sizes.  You can check them out at the following hyperlink.!product/prd1/2136031995/sunburst-orange-truffles You can use the drop down arrow to select your size package.

When you are looking for the perfect gift for business associates, family or friends, a quick visit to can solve all of your fresh gift giving adventures. We have the finest selections and the freshest citrus you can buy.

Presented By:
Sunburst Packing Co.
180 South “E” Street
Porterville, CA  93257

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