Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sunburst Oranges Says - Navels Are Almost Ready, What A Sweet Treat

California navel oranges usually arrive around very late October or early November and go through  spring. The earliest ones have lighter orange color. As the season progresses and in the peak months, California navels get very sweet. Late in the season they are likely to be more expensive. 

People understand that fresh oranges are best in the winter, but not many people understand that different varieties have particular seasons. You'll have better luck coming home with good oranges if you learn which varieties are in season when - and keep a simple guideline in mind when you're selecting them at the market. 

Oranges and all citrus fruit should be heavy in the hand for its size. This simple test and it's your most reliable guide for citrus fruit.

There’s nothing quite like a sweet and juicy Navel Orange from Sunburst Oranges. What a wonderfully satisfying, classic snack! No seeds. Bright orange skin that is not too difficult to peel, section and share. 

Great healthy fruit! It is an easy to love flavor during the cold months that whisks your taste buds away to the sunny citrus groves of the San Joaquin Valley in California.

Right now, Sunburst Oranges is getting ready to ship our very tasty Bonanza Navel variety. Navels have a firm skin and high sugar content they can even handle a short freeze. Still, there may be some change to the late Winter crop that will be assessed as the season progresses. In the meantime – enjoy this juicy in-season fruit!

Navel California navel oranges are considered by many to be the best oranges in the world for eating out of hand. They have a meaty flesh, their thick rinds are easy to peel, the segments separate easily, and they have no seeds. All navel oranges have a navel at the blossom end - an opening with a convoluted interior that looks, you know, like a navel. 

In season organic and conventional California Navel Oranges are beginning to taste their juicy, flavorful best – a balance of sweetness and acidity. The flavor will get even sweeter over the next couple of months.

Some have a very small navel; others have a larger one. If you're in doubt, inspect several in the bin. A quick look can usually identify the variety.

Oranges can be kept out at room temperature for three or four days with little problem. Refrigerate them in a plastic bag or in the crisper drawer, and they'll keep well for one to two weeks.

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