Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sunburst Oranges Hand Picked and Hand Sorted

It seems that Plucky isn’t the only one visiting relatives this week.  This lovely young lady is at Sunburst Packing visiting her Godfather who is our packaging manager.  She was very interested to see what her Godfather did at work.

That is why we like to say, Fresh, handpicked, from our farm to your table.

We really do hand pick our all of our citrus and then we hand sort them as well. You can see this happening with Lemons on our YouTube channel.

Andrea has a great smile and loves our fresh citrus as an after school snack. You can’t get it any fresher unless you stand by the orange tree and pick from there.

From our house to yours... Hand-picked & Hand-made Goodness Year-round

We take great pride in our family history and the dedicated staff that helps us bring you, the customer, nature’s bounty.

Like our trees the history of Sunburst Oranges runs deep. From the time he was born, our President and CEO, Jim Reed, was raised as a farmer and encouraged to be an innovator. But it comes as no surprise when you realize farming and his “interest in progress” is in his DNA.

Jim’s Great-Great-Grandfather, Harmon Talley Reed, was born in 1838, and after the Civil War he was digging water well on his farm in Ohio and struck oil instead. “He made money from oil, sold the oil wells and invested in Iowa farmland.” Harmon did quite well with his farming pursuit and by 1872, was the owner of a great deal of land. He owned land on which he laid out the township of Monteith, Iowa when the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific went through in 1881.

The family moved to the Grand Valley, near Palisade, Colorado, where Harmon had peach orchards. He was influential in getting irrigation started, and was director of a bank. Later they moved to California where he developed lemon orchards at Whittier.

Harmon and wife, Louisa, moved and finally rooted in southern California. Great-Great Grandfather Reed planted lemon orchards in Whittier and thus began the "citrus roots" of the family tradition.

We hope you enjoyed this relative visit with us today and will come back again and again, either to our blog, website or our Facebook page. The links are in the right hand column near the top.

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