Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sunburst Oranges - Oranges as Jack O'Lanterns

Are you a fan of scary Halloween decorations? What we have here today cannot be called scary but it leads to great decorations for children and you have tasty holiday treats as well. 

Orange is my favorite color but being scary isn’t my favorite thing to do.  So, I like to decorate with fall themed items rather than going the scary-witchy route.  But I really do love the smell of citrus based fragrances.  So here is a way to combine the Halloween “scary-ness” with the natural scents of oranges. You can even add your favorite fall spices.

Making your very own Orange Jack O'Lanterns

Began by cutting a “lid” from the orange about 3/4″ from the top. 

Scoop out the orange and set aside for making fresh squeezed orange juice.  Take a star shaped metal cookie cutter that is smaller than the circumference of the lid and firmly press to cut out a shape in the center of the lid. 

Scoop out the orange from the inside using a spoon.  Now you are ready to make your face!

These oranges are so much easier to carve than a big hard pumpkin.  Make all of your own Jack O Lanterns with a big smile.  I told you I don’t do scary.

Now put about two tablespoons of whole Allspice inside and push a tea light candle into the center of the spices.  You can also use whole cloves for this and smell the house up like a very fresh pumpkin pie! 

Put your lid back on top and let it burn.  Soon you will smell the pleasant aroma of spices and orange.  Very neat.  These little votive candles will last as long as the candle does and you can replace the candle several times before the orange finally gives out.  After you have used yours about three days you can put the rinds outside for the birds to enjoy.

You can also paint great fall and Halloween based images on your orange Jack O Lanterns.  Now painting images doesn’t have to mean getting out paint and brushes.  You can do your Halloween images with a simple Sharpie.

Take advantage of the festive color of oranges and incorporate them into your Halloween decorations. Get creative with painting for orange jack-o-lanterns that will brighten any dark and haunted table. After all orange and black are traditional Halloween colors.

1. Paint your favorite Halloween shapes such as jack-o-lantern faces, witches hats, black cats or bats on the surface of your oranges, directly on the peel.

2. Allow the paint to dry for 4 hours.

3. Tie ribbons or strings around your oranges before adding them to your decorations.

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