Friday, October 31, 2014

Fukumoto Navel Oranges – Medium Box

Fukumoto Navel Oranges
In 1983, Dr. W.P. Bitters requested from the USDA a sample of the Fukumoto Navel Orange from Japan be delivered and added to the UC Riverside “Citrus Variety Collection”. Dr. Bitters was one of the stalwarts in the pathological development of the citrus industry in California. He described the Fukumoto “as the best appearing navel in a Japanese produce display” and requested the sample be sent and included in the clonal program.

The farmer, S. Fukumoto, from Kokawa-cho in Japan was the first to grow this orange in the Wakayama Prefecture. The Fukumoto Navel is one of the earliest maturing Navel oranges and one of the first Navels to “break” color.

Our medium box will contain 15 to 18 pieces of fruit. The quantity depends on individual fruit size and size is determined by the climatic conditions for the season.  $ 22.50

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