Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sunburst Oranges Presents The Pentagon Shaped Orange Story

When we first saw these images we thought back on the recent Internet stories that were in the line of the many fake and hoax reports. Headlines that scream “Baby Dinosaur Hatches From Million Year Old Egg.” and “Hoverboards Are Real.”

So before we repeated the story we looked into just how the world came to have a “Pentagon Shaped Orange.”  If we just look at the shape and claim of a pentagon shape (from pente and gonia, which is Greek for five and angle) the photo does show what seemed to fit the claim. As we know that the Adobe Photoshop program can do wonders in photo alteration we were still left with, but are they real?

If they were real, how do you grow an orange in any shape but a nice round sphere?

Some online research gave us the answer.  The clever folks that brought us the miniature transistor radio, Nikon cameras and Hondas are at it again.

Here is the Google Translate results direct from the story in the original Japanese.

Thriving cultivation of mandarin orange, the Iyokan that the pentagonal when viewed from above , Ehime Prefecture Yawatahama young farmers of the city has made. Next month, I sell the first time about 300 at a local festival.

The enclosure in a wooden frame of 1.5 cm thick real young, were harvested after four months. Sugar content is higher than normal or because of pressure. Effort of five years tried also heart-shaped or star is the fruit.

To give it to a local high school in the 16th. As "a lucky charm of examination because it has two months" Kubota length (Jo) 's representative (25). Should to you that you worked hard in the triangular eyes "feeling good pass" to visit.

Resource: Asahi News

It seems that while the orange is growing it is placed inside a shaped enclosure that forces the orange to grow in the shape of the box which is in the pentagon form.

The iyokan citrus fruits or ‘Gokaku no Iyokan’ were handed out as a good luck charm for students in the upcoming entrance exam season in Yawatahama, Ehime.  ’Gokaku no Iyokan’ also means ‘sweet smell of success in exams.’

I’m sure something will come along and change our minds, but for now we can say “Now I Have Seen It All!”

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