Monday, March 10, 2014

How Sunburst Oranges Will Deal With The California Drought?

California, supplier of nearly half of all United States fruits, vegetables and nuts, is on track to experience the driest year in the past half millennium. Farms use about 80% of California's "developed water," or water that's moved from its natural source to other areas via pipes and aqueducts.

In addition to farms, the drought affects municipal water supplies. There is so little water this year that some places are in danger of running out, and the little that is left could soon become undrinkable because of the high concentration of pollutants.

Monterey County, which is currently enduring an "exceptional drought," according to the US Drought Monitor, grew nearly half of America's lettuce and broccoli in 2012.

When given a challenge, such as a major drought, some folks just “throw in the towel”, at Sunburst Oranges we will reach down a bit deeper to find the solutions we need.

Realize that it takes between 14 to 17 gallons of water just to make a single orange, then realize that only about 40% of the oranges a tree produces is good enough to finds it way into a Sunburst gift box, then your water company tells you that they only have 20% of the water you need, you really have to dig deep!

The first thing that comes to mind is drill another water well, but are told by the water drillers their list is 18 months out!

At Sunburst we are employing the following procedures to save water and utilize each and every drop:

1. Use technology that measures the moisture levels at different depths to insure “just enough” precious H2O is used

2. Tighten inspection of all equipment to reduce possibility of leaks in the systems

3. Successfully have lobbied the irrigation districts to stop the “must take water for 24 hours” as most systems only need 12 to 18 hours. This is probably the single largest water saver.

4. Top, hedge and prune trees to eliminate total size by 20% thus requiring about 20% less H2O

With the above measures taken by our field department, we will survive and still have plenty of healthy and delicious Sunburst oranges for our customers.

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