Monday, January 20, 2014

The Perfect Fast Food Drive Thru

If I had my wish fast food wasn’t full of fattening, sugar-filled and a home for a day’s worth of salt. It would be even better if the healthier options weren’t so unreasonably priced and limited to relatively fewer options. Can I say it is about time to think fruits and veggies… especially Sunburst Navel Oranges.  

Sometimes we think of the phrase “get them while they are hot.”  Well with oranges it is get them while they are fresh!

You may be hard pressed to find a good quality fresh fruit at most fast food chains, but even when you do, the price may be higher than you’d want to pay. An orange at your fast food place may cost you more than a dollar.  You may be tempted by the Special Super Burger for just a dollar. Considering how far your dollar may go, you will get more virtual “food” with the high calorie hamburger than you will for your heart-healthy choices.

In a perfect world fresh produce stands or kiosks would dot the globe and be just as prevalent as your fast food shack at every corner. Didn’t have time to pack a healthy lunch or snack? It would be great if you could drive-through for some natural, pure healthy choices. There would be no concern about questionable items that look healthy on the outside but are still full of sugar and sodium, fat and calories.

An online order at Sunburst Oranges will get you a great quality and more importantly “healthy” alternative for lunch.

Your choices at these “mythical” produce stands would be just what nature intended, pure unadulterated sources of antioxidants and other heart-healthy nutrients – no high-processing, just the real deal.

Real whole fruits and vegetables or simple combinations that remain true to the natural heart-healthy quality of ingredients: Whole-food based snacks or entrees (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds) would contain flavoring from natural sources like lemons, herbs and spices. 

There would be portion controlled packages of whole nuts and fruit nut combinations, perhaps a smoothie bar.

Packaged heart-healthy snack items would be devoid of long ingredient lists and confusing labels. You wouldn’t have to consider whether a heart-healthy claim is in conflict with the fact it contains lots of added sugars, excess fat, real fiber or just filler.

All the above would, of course, come with reasonable prices.

Until our perfect thought process fun-healthy-food drive through opens think Sunburst Oranges.

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