Thursday, January 9, 2014

Great California Citrus Still Coming From Sunburst Navel Orange Crops

It has come to our attention that some of you are reading stories in the media about the very cold weather we had in this area several weeks ago. We just wanted to take a moment and set the record straight here at Sunburst Oranges about our crop of navel oranges.

Here is an except from a story in the Visalia Times-Delta newspaper (A Gannett Company) from January 8th 2014

Orange prices rise $2-$3 a box after cold weather

“Reports are still coming in as to the extent of the damage to the citrus crop in the Central Valley from the Dec. 4-10 freeze.

Growers note the cold hit early in the season, when about 75 percent of the state’s citrus crop was still on trees. Luckily fruit had a high sugar content for this early in the year, which is a plus in preserving the fruit in cold.

Still, in some areas of Tulare County, all fruit in mandarin groves was described as “toast,” whereas in many navel orange groves damage appeared more limited. The variability of crop loss reflected factors such as farm location, frost protection methods used, citrus variety and crop maturity.

Tulare County officials agreed that mandarins (tangerines) probably didn’t withstand the freeze very well. 

Citrus has been grown in the San Joaquin Valley for more than 100 years. The on-farm value of California-grown citrus fruit in 2012-13 totaled $1.5 billion.

In Fresno County, “The damage doesn’t seem widespread, but we are rejecting lots and bins that exceed the tolerance,” said Fred Rinder, Fresno County deputy agricultural commissioner. “Probably the most damage we’re seeing is in the cara cara navels and mandarins. Lemons are spotty and navels are hit and miss too.””

Their story is accurate, of course, for an overall look at our citrus industry. As you can see the local agricultural commissioners are monitoring the crops to protect the reputation of all California citrus

But, specifically here at Sunburst Oranges we want you to know we haven't changed (raised) our prices for our sweet and juicy navel oranges.

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