Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Eleven ECO Uses For Oranges

Thinking of being ECO friendly when comes to using oranges around the house? Here are 11 great ideas for doing just that.

Eat them! Oranges are a healthy snack with low calories. You can’t beat them for a mid day boost.

Dry and powder the rinds. Here’s a great post about how to make and use powdered zest. 

Make natural citrus cleaner with orange rinds and White Vinegar. This was my favorite thing to do with the orange peels and now I have orange scented vinegar to clean with. It’s so easy, you’ll never throw away an orange peel again.

Garbage Disposal sweetener – Keep the vinegar orange peels in a jar on the counter and put a few down the disposal every time you use it. 

Keep your brown sugar lump free because oranges can deter brown sugar from hardening. Place a two inch wide orange peel piece, pith and all, in with your brown sugar and keep in an air tight container. The skin puts moisture into the air inside the container, keeping the air damp.

Make delicious homemade oil for use on salad – give them as gifts, or just keep for your own kitchen. Place bits of orange peel (pith removed) and dried cranberries or a sprig of your favorite herb, into a decorative bottle and fill the remainder with extra virgin olive oil. Close the bottle and place it in a dark place. Remember to gently shake every few days. After several weeks the orange peels and herbs will impart a wonderful flavor to the oil. Decorate and give!

Make citrus sugar: Use fresh twists and add it to sugar, combining them in a jar Let the oil from the peel infuse the sugar and after a few weeks remove the peel.

Make citrus extract powder: Make zest or twists (lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruit) being sure to remove the pith and allow to dry, about three or four days for twists, less for zest. Put in a blender (or spice grinder) and pulverize into a powder. Store in a clean jar.

Reduce the odor in your trash area. Placing orange peel at the bottom of your trash can, before putting the bag or bags in is said to reduce odor and discourage insect infestation.
Make candied orange slices.

Make an infusion of honey with orange peels by placing twists and letting the flavors steep for a few weeks. Speed up the process by slowly heating them on the stove, being careful not to bring it to a boil. Remove the peels and store in a clean jar.

Try making your own orange oil extract: Caution! Orange oil is flammable and very corrosive. For most cleaning purposes, a quarter of an ounce mixed in with a quart of water should be enough to get the beneficial results. Always spot test before applying in quantity.

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