Monday, October 31, 2016

Check Your Halloween Candy

Trick-or-treating on Halloween is a cherished tradition in North America and the United Kingdom, where it's also called Halloween. However, trick-or-treaters and their parents should be aware that there is always a possibility that someone may tamper with Halloween candy. A responsible adult should examine all Halloween treats before children eat them. Checking Halloween candy includes looking for evidence of tampering and throwing away treats that appear suspicious or have been handmade by strangers.

Tell trick-or-treaters not to eat anything they receive until they get home.

Warn the youngsters that you or another trusted adult must check their candy before they can eat it. Emphasize the importance of this without frightening the children and ruining their enjoyment of trick-or-treating.

Caution youngsters not to drink any beverages offered to them while trick-or-treating.
If you think children will be extremely tempted to eat their candy before they get home, send them out with a snack in case they get hungry. If you have to, offer them candy from the bowl you will be giving out. Make sure they can tell the difference between your candy and the rest of their candy (perhaps put it in a Zip-Lock baggie!)

Examine candy and treats in a room with bright lights as soon as the trick-or-treaters arrive home. Look for anything that doesn't seem right, including the following:

Lumps or bulges under the wrappers
Punctures or pinholes in wrappers or boxes
Ripped wrappers
Loose wrappers
Discolored or stained wrappers or boxes
Foreign objects poking from the candy
Candy that isn't in the original box or wrapper
Treats that are in unsealed boxes or partly unwrapped wrappers
Mismatched candy in packages containing multiple pieces. Look for candies that are a different size or color from all the others.
Candy brands or manufacturers that you've never heard of.
Candy that has a strange or unpleasant smell.
Candy that has passed its expiration date.

Throw away any candy that may have been tampered with or that doesn't look right for any reason.

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