Thursday, October 8, 2015

In The News Juggling Oranges In Space

We think oranges are important and very good for everyone. We weren’t surprised when we heard the ISS (International Space Station) had oranges on board.  What did surprise us is when we heard that the astronauts were using them for juggling.  You read that right, juggling.
Everyone know that based on the orbit of the space station their environment is one of weightlessness.  Well at least just micro-gravity.  To be able to juggle you need gravity or the balls, oranges, chain saws or whatever don’t come back down so you can catch them and toss them back up again. At least when I think of juggling I think toss up – catch on the way down – toss again.

So I double checked and looked up the definition of juggling.

Juggle - verb
gerund or present participle: juggling

continuously toss into the air and catch (a number of objects) so as to keep at least one in the air while handling the others, typically for the entertainment of others.

cope with by adroitly balancing. -  "she works full time, juggling her career with raising children"
organize (information or figures) in order to give a particular impression.
"defense chiefs juggled the figures on bomb tests"

Just what were the astronauts up to we asked.  Were they putting their oranges in order? What would be out of order with their oranges that they needed juggling?

So we went in search of more information and sure enough we found a YouTube video that shed some light on the subject.

Yes even in space there are answers for everything. What will you do with your Sunburst Oranges?

Here is a link to an orange juggling YouTube video run in slow motion and done right here on terra firma. Enjoy your juggling.

Did you know that the average orange is almost perfect for practice juggling. Now just find three the same size and weight.

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