Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Giving Healthy Snacks As Halloween Treats

As you have already noticed the stores have the Halloween season in full swing. Many choices exists for decorations and candy based treats.

Some folks, think dentists and nutritionists may cringe when seeing all the sugary candy on display.  Other folks go so far as to hand out healthy snacks.

What to give. Gift certificates to McDonalds were popular a few years back. But what can you give that can be eaten when the kids get home?

What about apples and oranges? While they may not be quite as popular as a candy treat they are both tasty and healthy and a lot easier to carry than a plate of steamy broccoli. And no I’m not thinking of a caramel apple. Yes they do have them individually wrapped style but I think the sweet coating outweighs the healthy side of the apple.

With record numbers of children now overweight or obese, does it make sense for adults to hand out the traditional handfuls of Halloween candy? That’s the question posed by many doctors and health departments, as this suggests some healthier alternatives when costumed characters come calling.

We have spoken to several families and from what we heard, candy will be offered in high quantities throughout the country, which will keep the tradition of candy alive and kicking. Some parents may just try handing out oranges and apples this year. 

Parents can control the sugar intake of their trick and treating children by considering some simple strategies:

Before the door-to-door activities begin, make sure your child has a balanced dinner.  With a full tummy, he or she is less likely to want to eat a big portion of the treats before coming home.

Limit time going to door-to-door so the amount of candy collected is reduced. 

When children come home, inspect treats to make sure they have not been tampered with and then stash them out of reach to be issued one or two at a time in the upcoming days. This will extend the holiday fun and provide an important lesson about not overeating sweets.

Consider buying back candy from your children – a few pennies a piece – so they can purchase something they want with their own earned money. 

Instead of door-to-door treating, consider hosting a party where food is not the center of activities. That could provide double rewards of a healthier and safer night, away from traffic and well-intentioned candy givers.

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