Monday, September 21, 2015

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Plucky Brand is Proud to be part of the ever-growing social media family of Sunburst Oranges. Doing good for people and pets in need of help is our 'soul purpose' in life. Utilizing Facebook and Shopify goes hand-in-hand with that mission. Thanks for taking the time to visit us at our Shopify Facebook page
We have different and special items that are not on our main website

We feature all our great products as well as items from our Liver Walk sponsorships and Artwork by those artists we feature. Like the SK Stehelin Gallery of Three Rivers CA.

“Of all the plants spread by Nature upon the surface of the globe, there are none more beautiful than those we know under the names of citron, lemon, and orange trees, which botanists have included under the technical and generic name of Citrus. These charming trees are both useful and ornamental. No others equal them in beauty of leaf, delightful odor of flowers, or splendor and taste of fruit. No other plant supplies delicious confections, agreeable seasonings, perfumes, essences, syrups, and the valuable acid so useful to colorers.”

Georges Gallesio: Traité du citrus, 1811 translated from French in 1876 expressly for “The Florida Agriculturist"

Support Our Troops
Do you know someone in the military currently serving our country? Show your support and let them know they are remembered. Whether a husband, a friend, a father, a son, daughter or other family member, the arrival of a box of delicious oranges will brighten the day and bring a smile to all who share. 

Sunburst Oranges is a thoughtful and delicious way to say ‘Thanks’! Choose from the medium or large box with no additional shipping costs. 

Get the Party Started!
A box of Sunburst Oranges shipped in our super-saver value pack is the perfect size for events and get-togethers. Try a box at your next family reunion, block party, church gathering, beach party, company picnics, a camping trip or just to have at home or the office.

A box of oranges complements almost any occasion. And a healthy treat when it is your turn to bring the snacks for your Little League or youth football team.

Are you looking for the perfect wholesome and healthy foods to use as gifts for a business associates, family or friends? A quick visit to can solve all of your fresh gift giving adventures. We sell only the finest selections and the freshest citrus you can buy.

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