Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Orange Musical Instruments

As our regular readers know on Wednesday we feature stories that are of a humorous nature or feature oranges being used in an unusual manner,

This week the plan was to see if oranges were used as musical instruments. So a quick trip through Google lead to nada, zip, nothing. From what we didn’t find, it seems that while musical instruments have been made from nearly everything else on the planet no one has ever used an orange to make music with. 

Oh, we found lots of uses of the color and name orange when it comes to musical related items and selling of the same. And yes, in the city and county of Orange there are many musical links.

So here are just three of the “orange” musical related finds that resulted from the “orange musical instruments” search.

Orange Amplifiers Rockerverb 50 MK II 50W Tube Guitar Amp Head Orange
All Valve, channel-switching amplifier with ultra-transparent effects loop and valve-driven reverb. This amplifier utilises a two stage clean channel with a four stage dirty channel. The Clean Channel delivers a super rich clean tone with beautiful harmonic overtones. It is a non-master channel, much like vintage Orange amps, and when cranked the power section breaks up faster, delivering the most classic British crunch imaginable. The Dirty Channel is four stages of unadulterated filth, but it is NOT a one-trick pony. Move the Gain knob from 0 to 10, and as you do you'll find a variety of Orange tones, from metal to fusion, rock to blues...there's even some country in there. Improvements include mid EQ control on clean channel, more transparent FX loop, larger, more usable reverb with additional ECC83 preamp valve to power it and #L34 output valves.

Percussion Plus Plastic Maracas - Real Toy Musical Instruments
Quality instrument Great sound Plastic maracus on a wooden handle 1 x pair 181 g 

Manufacturer's Description - Percussion Plus bright orange plastic maracus - Product Description - These colorful plastic Maracas offer a bright tone. 

Extremely popular across the board of musical styles & the number one choice in schools these Maracas sound great & also look fantastic with a bright orange finish.

Retro Belt-Drive Turntable With USB-to-PC Connection and Rechargeable Battery
The PVTT2U is a unique record player that incorporates compact and stylish form with versatile function. This multifunction turntable plays 33, 45, and 78 RPM records and lets you turn your vinyl records into digital music files using your PC. The unit's USB port allows you to connect this turntable to your computer and digitize your music using the included Audacity audio editing software. This unit also has a built-in rechargeable battery that uses the USB port to charge - connect it to your computer or use an AC-USB adapter (not included). Inside, on the front-end you'll find two stereo speakers for audio playback. Stereo RCA output allows you to connect this turntable to your home audio system for even bigger sound while your record spins. It's all packed into an elegant and portable briefcase-style design that is sure to add some style to your sound.

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