Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunburst Oranges Builds An Orange Snowman

With the first of this winter’s big storms rolling in we thought we would show what we could with our oranges for a cute table decoration.

Seems like this week would be a good time to build a snowman without having to bundle up and spend time outside in the middle of a blizzard.

For a holiday party, give each child three oranges, some toothpicks, a sturdy plate, and store-bought frosting.

Trim of the bottom of one orange at the ¼ distance. Stick that orange to the center of the plate with a dollop of frosting. Poke a few toothpicks halfway into the top of the fruit and spear a smaller orange on top. Repeat with a third orange.

The Decorations

Use whole cloves in for the eyes, mouth, and buttons.

Use cinnamon sticks or small candy canes for the arms.

Use a cinnamon red hot for the nose.  You can hold it in-place with a touch of frosting. With a bit of carving you can make it flush with the surface of the orange.

You can make the scarf from construction paper or perhaps a fruit rollup would work much better. You could also use ribbon or make a tie from a tuft of yarn.

Then, we decided that he really needed some kind of hat. So, we raided our holiday treat stash and decided that an Oreo with Hershey’s kiss was a suitable Christmas hat. We used a peppermint version for our topper but any Hershey’s would work as well. Stick the kiss to the hat with a little squirt of frosting and the cookie to the orange with frosting as well.

You could also open the Oreo cookie and use its own frosting to stick to the top of the orange. Your hat will be thinner but will look just fine.

You can also use frosting to enhance the decorations right on your platter or plate.  Let ou imagination soar.

Surround the snowman with peeled orange segments and you have a big fun snowman fruit snack platter!

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