Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Morgan d’ Organ Visits Plucky at Sunburst Oranges

Plucky has spent the last few months working with Sunburst Oranges, The American Liver Foundation and Morgan d’ Organ helping folks at the Liver Life 5K and 1K walks.

The friends agreed to meet up at Sunburst Oranges to see what all the fuss was about the delicious Oranges, Citrus, Chocolates, Jams, Honey, Nuts and new Teas. Morgan said the experience was bee-utiful.

Plucky gave Morgan the grand tour.

Morgan found that it was crazy busy at Sunburst Oranges. Oranges were being picked left and right. He found that Bonanza and Fukumoto Navels are available right now since both are the early maturing varieties.

Morgan saw that the Skaggs Bonanza Navels originated just 10 miles down the road from Sunburst Oranges in the small town of Lindsay, California. This variety of oranges is unique because it is thin-skinned and so sweet and juicy. Plucky was nice enough to let me try all he wanted and, Morgan said there were so very good, there was juice running down his chin by the time he was finished.

He also learned the Fukumoto is another unique variety of medium sized, sweet and juicy navel with a reddish orange rind. The Fukumoto Navel was imported from Japan in 1983 by Dr. W.P. Bitters because of its beauty - also receiving accolades for the best appearing navel in a Japanese produce display. 

What a great day Morgan and Plucky had.  Morgan found there was so much to learn about oranges and the way they were packed at Sunburst Oranges.

Just days off the tree, and just in time for the holiday season - Sunburst Oranges has a great selection of fresh gift ideas from Citrus Collections and Perfect Pomegranates, to their Sunburst Tea Collection, plus jams, nuts and delicious chocolate Orange Truffles made locally and exclusively for Sunburst. All this unique bounty make perfect gifts for party hosts, business associates, family and friends or just for your pleasure.

Morgan was glad to learn the Sunburst Oranges had a Family History with 70 years of experience in the citrus industry – Sunburst is a grower, packer and servicer. Sunburst always strives for perfection and satisfaction on every shipment. The Citrus is grown in the richest soils of California in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley.

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