Monday, February 27, 2017

Cara Cara Navel Oranges Are Ready

Hand-selected California Cara Cara Navel,Oranges direct to your home and family!

Similar to a Navel orange, but with red-tinged flesh. Contains lycopene (the same phytochemical nutrient present in tomatoes) which gives the pulp its red-orange color. Easy to peel and section; basically seedless.

Less acidic than most Navels; tropically tangy, yet still sweet with notes of cherry, raspberry and cranberry.

Flavor is also markedly affected by mostly the same climatic factors. The natural sugar and acids in citrus and the ratios of the two determine the intensity of flavor. Mostly the arid, semitropical climates produce stronger richer flavors than the semitropical and tropical areas. The reverse can be true with some high acidic varieties such as kumquats and some mandarins as well as the bitterness of most grapefruit.

his definition of variety is from Howard B. Frost, a pioneer in citrus breeding and genetics whose 40 years of services at the University of California provided much of our current basic knowledge of citrus genetic behavior, reads: 

Irrespective of mode of origin and method of reproduction or multiplication, a horticultural variety (cultivar) consists of a named or otherwise designated group of plants representing one of the many genetically different kinds of any given cultivated plant species or botanical variety. 

In citrus, as with most other fruits, a horticultural variety traces back to a single parent tree or individual mutant branch, now called a ‘clone’. Citrus varieties or cultivars are therefore clonal varieties.

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