Monday, May 23, 2016

Exclusive Creation The Sunburst Orange Truffles

The creation of the Sunburst Orange Truffle is the newest of these mouth-watering delights. Sunburst Orange Truffles are so creamy and indulgent, bursting with luscious Sunburst Orange flavor. These creamy melt-you-your mouth dark chocolate truffles are made with 50% cocoa by masterful chocolatiers that make them a true delicacy.

These Sunburst Orange Truffle are from Stafford's Famous Chocolates. Stafford’s Famous Chocolates presents a tempting array of luscious confections sure to please everyone’s palate.

Try our Exclusive Creation our Sunburst Orange Truffles.

All caramels, toffee, nuts and chews and truffles are handmade daily with only the freshest and finest ingredients. Some of the ingredients are grown right here in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

These new Sunburst Orange truffles are available on the website in two different sizes.  You can check them out at the following hyperlink.!product/prd1/2136031995/sunburst-orange-truffles
You can use the drop down arrow to select your size package.

Experience the best chocolate truffles — made from San Joaquin Valley Citrus, fresh cream, and smooth dark chocolate. With every bite, their delicate chocolate shell gives way to creamy ganache that melts on your palate. So good, you'll have to tell your friends . . . or surprise them with their very own box! Browse and buy online, then we’ll ship your gift of orange truffles directly to you or a lucky recipient.

You’ve probably read that chocolate affects your brain by causing the release of the “happiness neurotransmitters” – serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Like coffee, chocolate is also a potent source of polyphenol antioxidants.

But experienced chocolate hackers also know chocolate to be a useful tool for improving performance in lesser-known ways. In fact, cacao exerts a systemic effect on the body, with benefits ranging from improved healthy blood flow and cognition to beneficial alterations in gut bacteria! Here are some of the most important benefits of chocolate (besides taste…).

One of the most alluring effects of chocolate consumption is its improvement in mood. Your mood matters even more when you’re stressed. Luckily, chocolate can help even in high-pressure situations, according to one study. Participants were asked to complete serial subtraction tasks of threes and sevens (counting down by 3s and 7s), and a rapid visual information-processing task to test sustained attention. Those who consumed cocoa flavanol drinks prior to the trial had overall better cognitive performance and reported less ‘mental fatigue’ than the control group.

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