Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Oranges Juice Canned, Bottled and Fresh

When you say orange juice what exactly do you mean?  Orange juice comes in many forms.

One thing we want to get out of the way in this first section.  We never say orange juice and mean an orange colored and sweetened water product with chemicals added. They are out there and should never be confused with real orange juice.

Fresh Squeezed

We must add that when we use the term orange juice we mean a fresh squeezed drink made from oranges with nothing added.

So getting that out of the way we want to talk about the three ways most people get there morning glass of orange juice.  As we just mentioned we are suggesting that it be made from fresh squeezed oranges. We know that we sell the very best ones on our website. If you can’t always have fresh squeezed what is the next best choice, frozen concentrate or bottled?

Frozen Concentrate

Orange juice as a mass-produced product grew out of attempts to supply vitamin C to soldiers stuck on the front line in WWII. From a health perspective OJ does contain useful amounts of antioxidants - but these rapidly deteriorate once the product is opened. Most types of orange juice, whether they are made from concentrate or not and whether they are chilled or not, are similar in terms of vitamin C and antioxidant content.

But of course this really misses the point. For those with no access to other better sources of vitamin C such as fresh fruits and vegetables, orange juice may well be an important source of such nutrients. But the fact remains that for someone on a good diet, processed orange juice is a nutritionally unnecessary and inferior way to get the fullest spectrum of vitamins and antioxidants.

Most orange juice manufacturers would have you believe that OJ is purity in a glass; a simple, natural, single-ingredient product.

But behind this image of purity is a product that is heavily processed and engineered. If it's made from concentrate, the juice goes through a process where all the water is removed - and with it much of the flavor. In the case of 'not from concentrate' juice, the liquid is pasteurized and 'deaerated' so it doesn't oxidise. It's then put in huge storage tanks where it can be kept for upwards of a year.

This process also strips the natural flavors from the juice. When the juice is ready for packaging, companies add chemical 'flavor packs' consisting of orange oils and flavorings to make it taste fresh again. The flavors they add are designed to meet local taste expectations; thus OJ in California might taste completely different from that in Spain or the UK.

The end product may taste fine, but to call it 'natural' is probably stretching credibility.

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