Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Off the Grid Advertising Billboard is Powered by Oranges

As our regular readers know we often feature the use of oranges in energy saving, ECO friendly or reuse-recycle ideas. We have run across a story that relates to a post we did months ago about getting a small amount of current from a single orange and lighting a small low output light bulb.

What they have done here takes that a real mega step forward.

DDB, a world-wide advertising agency that is part of the Omnicom Group Inc. company, specializes in cutting-edge creative experiences, has used the power of oranges for their latest Tropicana ad campaign. 

This campaign uses the product’s very ingredients to run the electricity for the billboard that advertises it, the French Tropicana ad reads “Energie Naturelle” (Natural Energy) and is lit in neon lighting. The alternative energy resource comes from an electrochemical reaction using the acid from the oranges as the catalyst.

The billboard’s transparent case, which is stacked high with hundreds of oranges, took three months to construct. Reminiscent of many high school chemistry experiment, the first step was to create a network of copper and zinc spikes to form a circuit board. The spikes act as fasteners, keeping the oranges in place vertically. The spikes also create the power – or more specifically, the oranges’ acidic electrochemical reaction with the copper and zinc spikes – making the billboard a giant self-sustaining power source.

The clever campaign’s billboard, being entirely off the grid, can be wheeled to any area, with or without electricity hook ups nearby. DDB accompanied it with a great video ad, which shows the scientific process (presumably with “scientists” played by cute actors) – from the first step of connecting two oranges with wires to a tiny bulb, to the construction of the final billboard. 

Orange-eating breaks were taken, of course. The advertisement is effective as it uses an actual science experiment, which proves the power that oranges possess to the consumer. The advertising message is that if an orange can power an eco-billboard, imagine the energy oranges can give your body!

The international advertising networks Doyle Dane Bernbach and Needham Harper merged their worldwide agency operations to become DDB Needham in 1986. At that same time the owners of Doyle Dane Bernbach, Needham Harper and BBDO merged their shareholdings to form the worldwide holding company Omnicom. In 1996, DDB Needham became known as DDB Worldwide.

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