Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sunburst Oranges Asks What Is the Difference Between Caffeinated and Decaffeinated Tea?

What Is A Decaf Tea?

‘Decaf’ or Decaffeinated tea is a leaf from the tea plant that has been through a process to remove its caffeine.

Caffeine occurs naturally in tea leaves and the most common methods of removing the caffeine are to use a chemical solvent or carbon dioxide to strip the leaves.

Decaf tea is not to be confused with ‘caffeine free teas’ (Sometimes called herbal teas or Tisanes) that naturally don’t contain any caffeine to begin with; Peppermint tea for example.

Caffeine is a molecule found in leaves and seeds such as tea, coffee and coco.

It acts as a stimulant in humans and is a natural pesticide in plants. That is why the tea plant loves it so much; it kills all those pesky bugs that are trying to eat its lush leaves!

The source of caffeine, be it the coffee bean or tea plant, is what is responsible for causing the different effects the caffeine has on your body.

Is Caffeine In Tea Bad For You?

Decaffeinated tea; There are lots of studies that suggest caffeine is bad for you. But there are also lots of studies to suggest that caffeine in tea can be good for you. 

The high content of antioxidants also found in tea actually help increase the positive effects of caffeine on your body; Lifting you up for longer and smoothing out any crash and burn later on in the day.

So if you did want an energy boost, having a cup of tea is probably the best way of enjoying the stimulating effects of caffeine whilst cutting down on its unwanted side effects.

Tea has less caffeine than coffee and and caffeine in tea is absorbed at a slower rate so the amino acids and antioxidants cause a relaxing, calming effect. When absorbed alongside the caffeine they also help improve brain function, bring down high blood pressure and help your immune system.

What About Naturally Caffeine Free Substitutes?

If you want to avoid caffeine completely try a tea blend that is naturally caffeine free. This means the blend is created by ingredients that do not contain any caffeine in the first place.

Consider these really aren’t tea.  If you love the flavor of tea these aren’t going to give the same taste and satisfaction.

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