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Sunburst Oranges Asks Have You Visited California Citrus State Historic Park

Did you know that California had a Park dedicated to the Citrus Products?

California Citrus State Historic Park is an open air museum in the state park system of California, USA, interpreting the historic cultural landscape of the citrus industry. The story of the citrus industry's role in the history and development of California is told in the visitor center. The California Citrus State Historic Park is in Riverside, Riverside County, California, United States. The 248-acre  park was established in 1984.

This California State Historic Park recaptures the time when "Citrus was King" in California, especially the Navel orange from Riverside, and recognizing the importance of the citrus industry in Southern California.

In the early 1900s, an effort to promote citrus ranching in the state brought hundreds of would-be citrus barons to California for the "second Gold Rush." The lush groves of oranges, lemons and grapefruit gave California another legacy—its lingering image as the Golden State—the land of sunshine and opportunity.

In 1873, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forever changed the history of Southern California when it sent two small Navel orange trees to Riverside resident Eliza Tibbets. Those trees, growing in near perfect soil and weather conditions, produced an especially sweet and flavorful fruit. Word of this type of orange quickly spread, and a great agricultural industry was born.

The design of the park is reminiscent of a 1900s city park, complete with an activity center, interpretive structure, amphitheater, picnic area, and demonstration groves of citrus tree orchards. The land contained within the park still continues to produce high-quality fruits.

The park's visitor center houses a museum about California's citrus industry, and antique citrus grove farm equipment is on display around the park.

In 2002 Huell Howser Productions, in association with KCET/Los Angeles, featured the park in California's Gold; the 29 minute program is available as a VHS video-recording.

In January 2008 the California Citrus State Historic Park became one of the 48 California state parks proposed for closure by California's Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as part of a deficit reduction program. To keep the park open, the city of Riverside has proposed to enter into a 40 year lease with the state. A bill to approve the lease, authored by Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries, was tabled until January 2010 due to lack of support.

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