Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunburst Oranges Has An Alternative Gift List

We are all familiar with the Twelve Days of Christmas song.  We know that the list has twelve characters used in the various verses. They are the well-known; Partridge in a Pear Tree, Two Turtle Doves, Three French Hens, Four Calling Birds, Five Golden Rings, Six Geese a Laying, Seven Swans a Swimming, Eight Maids a Milking, Nine Ladies Dancing, Ten Lords a Leaping, Eleven Pipers Piping and of course, last but not least, Twelve Drummers Drumming.

Several places have calculated the cost of currently doing this famous Christmas list and have arrived at new figure. PNC Wealth Management has once again calculated what the price of each gift in the Christmas classic, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” would be in today’s economy.

A 31-year holiday tradition, PNC’s 2014 Christmas Price Index reveals a hefty price tag if one were to purchase all of the gifts in the song for his or her “true love.” The total cost would come in at $27,673.22, a $280.05 increase over last year’s CPI.

If you are looking to do this twelve Days of Christmas we can suggest a list of items for Your True Love from Sunburst Oranges that will keep your cost in line with a near budget Christmas.

Here we go, start with a jar of Honey ($8.00). Two Flavored Black Teas ($33.90), Three packages of Premium Dried Fruit ($18.00), Four Boxes of Assorted Chocolate Hedgehogs, just ($88.00), Five locally grown in California bags of Pistachios ($41.25) Six Beautiful Pomegranates delivered in a re-usable canvas bag with a matching apron. Also included is a cutting board with ceramic knife ready to cut open and enjoy all the benefits and flavor this amazing fruit has to offer ($49.95). Select Seven from an assortment of 10 flavors of Jams & Marmalades ($52.50), Eight items in our Lemonade Kit which Contains: Reed Family lemonade recipe, 6 Sunburst Lemons, a cutting board, hand squeezer and 1-16 oz. jar of Sunburst Orange Blossom honey w/wooden honey dipper ($45.00), Nine bags of Fresh Raw California Almonds grown in the San Joaquin Valley. A good source for Calcium and the antioxidant Vitamin E. Naturally 100% gluten Free ($63.00), Ten boxes of Exotic Sea Salt Caramels This assortment features all natural infused salts using flavors from an ancient seabed high in the Himalayas to the spicy soul and sizzle of Baja Mexico. This combination is sure to leave a lasting impression ($80.00), Eleven bags of Fresh Raw California Walnuts grown in the San Joaquin Valley. They are a great source for Protein and fiber. Just one ounce of walnuts is a powerhouse of important nutrients for optimum health. ($88.00), and finally Twelve deliciously sweet oranges. Delivered in a kraft box for a delightful surprise that could brighten up anyone's Christmas day ($10.95)

At just $578.55 that is a savings of over $27,090 dollars over the standard 12 Days of Christmas. We told you that Sunburst Oranges was the place to shop for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Our tasty treats are so much better than a house full of birds and water fowl, let alone all of those leaping lords and milking maids.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for business associates, family or friends? A quick visit to can solve all of your fresh gift giving adventures. We sell only the finest selections and the freshest citrus you can buy.

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