Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunburst Oranges DIY Oranges and Tea Light Candles

If you love doing special accents for your home as the seasons change we have an idea that you can apply in many different ways to add lighted accents and a wonderful orange aroma to your home.

We used a navel orange for this example.


1. Refrigerate the orange overnight (makes the following steps easier) 
2. Cut the orange in half.
3. The bottom is the end opposite the navel.
4. Scoop out the orange meat with a spoon with a thin edge. (the sharper, the better)
5. Enjoy the fresh cold orange as a great snack!
6. On the top half (navel end) use the side of a table knife to scrape the pith away from the orange so the thickness is reduced. This makes the light show through even better.
7. Depending on the shape of the orange you may need to cut the bottom so that it sets flat and stable.
8. You can cut a pattern of holes in the top so the candlelight shows through these openings.
9. If you don’t do the holes in the top cut two holes (at the top edge of the rim) in the back side on the bottom for proper air flow.

Lighting your orange candle:

You can use a tea light (the simplest and safer method) or candle oil (not kerosene and unscented) with a separate wick as the source of light.  We used a basic tea light candle for our example.

If you plan to use candle oil test to see if the lower half will hold water without leaking. After your lower half passes the “holding water” test fill it so that it is less than half full of the candle oil. Place a candle wick into the oil and allow it to season a few hours before lightening. That allows the oil to soak the wick. Place your candle on a safe fire proof and stable surface. Never leave a candle unattended!

The better (and read much safer) way is to use a tea light candle placed in the lower half. Once you see how this works try different patterns to the openings.  You can use various images cut into the top. If you want to get really creative you can draw patterns first and just cut along the lines. 

Enjoy these pretty, aromatic lights for special fall season decorations and wonderful party lights and accents!

When you are done with them cut the orange peels into small sections to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal. 

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