Friday, September 26, 2014

Black Teas by Sunburst Oranges

Unsurpassed in quality and chosen under the scrutiny of an expert, only the finest ingredients go into Sunburst teas.

Our teas are packaged in transparent pyramid sachets made of bio-degradable and compostable starch material. The string and tag are attached by ultrasonic sealing without the use of glue.

We have chosen a select line of ‘Black Teas’ to complement all of our citrus, fruits, honey, preserves, candies and nuts.

Our flavors include:

Cinnamon Orange Spice
A Blend of black teas with cinnamon, spice and orange peel. An exquisite combination of flavor and fragrance. This blend is definitely a special tea which will rejuvenate your senses!

Earl Grey Supreme
A blend of Ceylon teas with bergamot flavoring (an oil extracted from a pear-shaped Mediterranean citrus about the size of an orange)and orange peel. Earl Grey brews up a beautiful amber cup of tea with a distinctive flavor and lightly fragrant aroma. This flavor is also available in de-caffeinated.

A blend of Ceylon teas with Pomegranate peel and natural flavors. You will enjoy this blend of black tea, sweetly tart pomegranate flavor and subtle fruit flavor. Not an overly fruity cup, just beautifully accented.

Lemon Classic
Tangy Lemon myrtle blended with our best lemon infused Ceylon tea. A taste that's even more lemony than a lemon itself!

Lemon Classic De-caffeinated
Ceylon decaf black tea and lemon myrtle from Australia. We use only teas that have been decaffeinated with the CO2 method. The true Lemon Classic taste without the caffeine.

Includes 20 pyramid tea sachets per tin. 1 tea sachet per 16oz of water. Pyramid sachets offer the quality and flavor of loose leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag.  For just $16.95 per tin.

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Presented By:
Sunburst Oranges
180 South “E” Street
Porterville, CA  93257

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