Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sunburst Oranges; Make Oranges A Big Part Of Back-To-School

We all know that August is nationwide Back-to-School.  In some places school now starts with the first of August and in other locals it is the start of Back-to-School shopping.  It really doesn’t matter when your children go back to school, the first of August, the middle of August or if they don’t start till just after the Labor Day Weekend their nutrition will affect their learning.

If you don’t like what they are being served in the cafeteria you may be packing their lunch.  Adding an orange to the mix will be a great way to make sure they are getting the energy and nutrition they need.

Lunch is a very important meal for kids and should provide at least one third of a child’s daily nutrients to help them grow, learn and play. Of course this time of year can be quite scary for parents (as well as kids!) as they face the lunchbox challenge of trying to pack a healthy lunch that does not get swapped, thrown away or arrive back home unloved and untouched!

Since the storage of lunch boxes varies from school to school the included items should never require refrigeration. Oranges are perfect for this.

The next consideration is how to send the orange.  Left in its natural packaging it is not going to leak, spoil or cause any kind of mess.  Some children just won’t take the time or effort to peel and eat an orange out of hand (though that is the best way).

One clever way to use an orange is to quarter it, then freeze and place in a plastic bag inside the lunch box or sack. This keeps the rest of the contents cool and will be an easy to eat, very refreshing sweet treat.

Please keep in mind if you are including a boxed orange drink that it is real orange juice rather than a sugar filled orange flavored drink mix. Always read and compare nutrition labels, they are a wealth of useful information.

Your child’s lunch box should contain foods from each food group:

Fruit & Vegetables – Include one or more servings in the lunchbox to help
put kids well on their way to 5 a day.

Protein – such as meat, fish or eggs which are important for growth and
development. Choose lean meats such as ham or chicken.

Dairy – Include a portion of dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt) in the lunchbox for
healthy teeth and bones. Low fat dairy products are a good choice.

Carbohydrate Rich Foods – such as bread, rolls or pasta to provide energy. Include
Whole meal varieties as much as possible.

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