Sunday, March 12, 2017

Eating Oranges In The Shower A Liberating Experience

Does our headline seem a bit strange when you first read it? Well I can sure understand that. But the following story was found on on ...

Here is what they had to say about this experience that punches buttons with all of your senses.

"This isn't one of those internet challenges that pop up, seemingly every other day, but it's just as strange of a trend.

Eating oranges in the shower has become the new therapeutic trend that people swear by.

The idea behind it is tapping into your primal instincts, tearing into the orange without worry of a mess, and being immediately cleansed while you go as crazy as you want with that orange.

People Are Suddenly Eating Oranges In The Shower For 'Liberating' Experience

Its origins can be linked back to 2016, when Reddit user Photon_bandit said he was at an Italian youth camp and his counselor asked him, "Would you like to know the most liberating, carnal, and best feel-good thing you can ever experience is?"

While that sounds like it could lead to something extremely inappropriate, it was only mildly inappropriate, as the counselor suggested the orange shower.

Of course, because the internet picks up on things randomly, a subreddit was created for the showering experience, as users share photos of themselves, and describe their experience:

I couldn't stop myself. I tried one and kept going until I hit 6 and realized what I had done. Truly life changing." - Haydo1239

As a first timer, I found this experiment very fruitful to my pleasure endeavors. - Skrami

Even the guys from the popular YouTube channel Good Mythical Morning tried it out and filmed it. They didn't exactly get enlightening results, but it looked fun.

Is this the new experience that leads to true nirvana? Who knows, but at least people are eating fruit, even if it's in an unconventional location."

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