Monday, July 25, 2016

Do You Know About Color Me Orange?

Color Me Orange embraces who we are: a group of people, organizations and businesses determined to inspire, educate and entertain as many as we can. We do not promote the politics of people; we promote the education of the individual to be better prepared for understanding and seeking cures; and to have a better understanding of the same plights people are facing around the world.

We are animal lovers too, and we do support the politics we have studied and deem will help the many homeless and abused dogs, cats, and our beloved pot-bellied pigs. We will not turn our backs on any animal but we will seek to stop those who would harm the helpless. 

Our Group: 

It started with Orange is the New Liver as a Facebook page to promote the efforts of the American Liver Foundation because of the devastating effects the  viral disease of Hepatitis C had befallen on one of our own. Then we found Morgan Da Organ and learned 30 million people, 1 of every 10 in our country alone, many helpless children, are struck with a liver disease. Morgan taught how important the liver is to every part of our bodies.

Then, Morgan and our very own Plucky the Orange of Sunburst Oranges with his wide array of citrus, fruits, candies, jams, gifts and an incredible knowledge of citrus around the world. became best friends. Together, they won the first ever Liver Lover Award from the American Liver Foundation! 

And along came Hedgy the Blue Hedgehog. Friend to all and a “Doer of Good Deeds”. Hedgy represents a group of people that tirelessly continue to make a difference to many orphans, as well as the handicapped, around the world, and to promote the family unit and fatherhood here at home. 

Not to forget Louie the Lizard whose goal is to promote responsible animal care, heal the wounded, lead the lost home, and find a home for those on their own. 

Color Me Orange represents the courage we need to face the adversities of life and to muster the enthusiasm to keep pressing on.

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