Monday, February 22, 2016

Nothing Taste Better Or Is Better For You – Fresh Orange Juice

A glass of fresh squeezed orange juice is the very best way to start your day. Do you know how quick and easy it is to do?

How many oranges does it take to make a glass of orange juice? There are only three variables to be considered.
The size of the glass to fill (“normal” size is 8 oz.)
The variety of the orange(s)
The geographic region where the oranges are grown

The most popular orange for juicing is the Valencia. The Valencia orange is the most ideal piece of fruit to squeeze at home for several reasons:
About 5-6 medium size oranges will fill an 8 ounce glass.
You can squeeze a week’s worth, or more, of orange juice at a time.
Make certain to keep refrigerated & do not let the orange juice become warm (heat-spiked).
The Valencia orange juice will taste great with terrific color and flavor.

Why not use any variety of orange for my orange juice? The “other” popular orange is the Navel orange. The most famous Navel orange, worldwide, is the California Navel orange. But the California Navel orange is grown to be eaten as fresh whole fruit and not processed into juice. The flavor of Navel oranges can vary greatly among the different sub-varieties of Navel oranges now produced. In addition, the time of the season affects the flavor. The sugar to acid ratio (the determinant of the “sweetness & flavor” of the navel orange) can range from 8:1 to 25:1. The 8:1 ratio makes the Navel orange taste & flavor too sour and the 25:1 ratio makes the Navel orange too sweet, with a musty, over-ripe flavor.

Do you know if the oranges from your grocery store were grown in the USA? What does ‘oranges from another country’ mean to me? First , ‘from another country’ means the average consumer has never, in history, had so much selection for so many fruits and vegetables, available on a year-round basis. Second, stringent rules and regulations are in place, world-wide, to assure the safety and quality of food products. Sunburst’s sourcing has always and will follow the safest and ethical practices of supply for our customers, with any product we ever offer. Finally, let’s get back to the color of the glasses of Orange Juice.

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