Thursday, January 7, 2016

Five Popular Types Of Commercial Oranges

Did you know that the orange fruit itself is actually a type of a berry, and its flavors can vary from sweet to sour. The first orange trees in the United States were planted in the mid-1800s and today the fruit is cultivated worldwide in warm, sub-tropical climates where the temperatures range between 60°F - 85°F. Thanks to its worldwide abundance, orange juice is now the most popular fruit juice in the world, and the orange fruit ranks 4th in terms of overall fruit popularity.

There are actually more than 600 different types of oranges growing around the world today, a few are almost wild while most are carefully cultivated. When it comes to cash crops. Here are five types of commercial oranges that are by far the most popular and profitable types in the world today.

Valencia Oranges are best known as the orange juice oranges, but they are also great to eat too. Valencia oranges have thin skins, a few seeds, and are very juicy. The Valencia’s were named after the Spanish city of Valencia when they were first introduced in California, and they remain an important citrus crop in that state today.

Navel Oranges are the most common variety of oranges in the U.S. and are sweet and seedless. Navels have thick skins and a characteristic dimple on one end that resembles a human navel. Navel oranges are a seedless variety that is propagated through the use of cuttings.

Mandarin Oranges are a type of tangerine that is small, mild and sweet. They have a long growing season from January into May and are mainly sold in jars or cans today, although fresh mandarins are catching on.

Seville Oranges are sour oranges well-suited for making marmalade and are also used in cooking, cocktails and salad dressings. Seville oranges are small and have a short season starting in December and ending at the start of February.

Clementine Oranges are small oranges and sweet in flavor. They are seedless and perfect for snacks or used in fruit displays. Clementines have a short November to January growing season.

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