Thursday, January 7, 2016

California Navel Oranges Best During The Winter

California navel oranges are considered by many to be the best oranges in the world for eating out of hand. And they are at their best during the winter months. They have a meaty flesh, their thick rinds are easy to peel, the segments separate easily, and they don’t have seeds. 

All navel oranges have a navel at the blossom end, an opening with a convoluted interior that looks like a “belly button.” Some have a very small navel; others have a larger one. If you’re in doubt, inspect several in the bin. A quick poll will identify the variety. 

Originally planted in the 1930s on Sky Valley Ranch, Heirloom Navel Oranges gave California its reputation for having the best tasting citrus in the world. This rare variety gets its unique flavor from the perfect combination of climate, soil, sunshine, and special root stock. A true heirloom fruit, they taste like no other oranges on the market.

Do you know how to select oranges? Whatever the variety, look for oranges that are shiny and heavy in the hand. It’s a primary rule for a number of fruits, but it’s especially important for oranges. Check the scent – the orange should smell good. Except for Robinson tangerines, the rind should never feel puffy, that is, it shouldn’t feel like there’s any space between it and the flesh. There should be no spotting, no signs of shriveling, no white patches on the rind, and no fermented smell.

You’ll have better luck coming home with good oranges if you learn which varieties are in season when, and keep a simple guideline in mind when you’re selecting them at the market. Oranges and all citrus fruit should be heavy in the hand for its size. This simple test is your most reliable guide for citrus fruit.

Oranges are loved across the world, and just as unique as their name is (there is no other word that rhymes with it!) this fruit has some amazing benefits for your beauty as well. Leave aside your beauty woes and let this fruit work its natural magic on your skin.

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