Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Historic American Christmas Dinner Menus

Have you ever wondered what Christmas dinner would be like in say 1685?  Have you ever wondered if you could recreate one of these great traditional meals? Here is a dinner for you to practice on. 
Yes, you will need to research and convert some of the items mentioned. I think they were planning on feeding an Army.

"A Bill of Fare for Christmas Day, and how to set the Meat in Order: Please note that spelling is per the original book.

1. A collar of brawn 
2. Stewed Broth of Mutton marrow bones
3. A grand Sallet 
4. A pottage of caponets 
5. A breast of veal in stoffado 
6. A boil'd partridge 
7. A chine of beef, or surloin roast 
8. Minced pies 
9. A Jegote of mutton with anchove sauce 
10. A made dish of sweet-bread 
11. A swan roast 
12. A pasty of venison 
13. A kid with a pudding in his belly 
14. A steak pie 
15. A hanch of venison roasted 
16. A turkey roast and stuck with cloves. 
17. A made dish of chickens in puff paste
18. Two bran geese roasted, one larded
19. Two large capons, one larded 
20. A Custard.

"The second course for the same Mess. Oranges and Lemons. 
1. A Young lamb or kid. 
2. Two couple of rabbits, two larded. 
3. A pig souc't with tongues. 
4. Three ducks, one larded. 
5. Three pheasants, 1 larded. 
6. A Swan Pye. 
7. Three brace of partridge, three larded. 
8. Made dish in puff paste. 
9. Bolonia sausages, anchoves, mushrooms, Cavieate, and pickled oysters in a dish. 
10. Six teels, three larded. 
11. A Gammon of Westphalia Bacon. 
12. Ten plovers, five larded. 
13. A quince Pye, or warden pye. 
14. Six woodcocks, 3 larded. 
15. A standing Tart in puff-paste, preserved fruits, Pippins &c. 
16. A dish of Larks. 
17. Six dried meats tongues. 
18. Sturgeon. 
19. Powdered Geese. Jellies."

These were taken from The Accomplisht Cook, Robert May, facsimile 1685 edition [Prospect Books: Devon] 2,000 (pages in the book are unnumbered)

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