Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sunburst Oranges Presents A Stack Of Fun Facts

Oranges are technically a hesperidia, a kind of berry. Orange, common name for citrus fruit of several trees. Different varieties include the sweet orange, the sour, or Seville orange, and the mandarin orange, or tangerine, all rich in vitamin C. It consists of several easily separated carpel’s, or sections, each containing several seeds and many juice cells, covered by a leathery exocarp, or skin, containing numerous oil glands.

No English word rhymes with orange.

About 25 billion oranges are grown each year in the United States.

You can unroll an orange. Slice off the top and bottom of the orange. Slice once top to bottom and then just unroll the orange into the segments.

The bottom of a navel orange looks like a bellybutton or a navel. Fruit specialists believe that the navel is a smaller fruit attached to the main orange. You can see this smaller fruit when you peel and separate a navel orange.

Alexander the Great washed his hair in saffron to keep it a lovely shiny orange color. During his time saffron was as rare as diamonds and more expensive than gold.

Canaries were originally a mottled greeny-brown, but 400 years of crossbreeding by humans produced their yellow color. If you add red peppers to their diet it turns their feathers a beautiful orange colors.

Orange, the British telecom company, was founded in 1994. Brand consultants Wolff Olins developed the orange square to emphasize the color, rather than the fruit. They drew on the Chinese aesthetic discipline of feng shui, in which orange is the color of purpose and organization, and is supposed to help focus concentration. In the same year, advertising agency WCRS came up with the tag line: “The future’s bright, the future’s Orange.”

The black box flight data recorders on aircraft are actually bright orange in color so that they can be found more easily. They were originally called “black boxes” because early electronic prototypes were stored in black metal boxes.

In Switzerland, oranges are sometimes served smothered with sugar and whipped cream. Europeans sometimes eat oranges with knives and forks.

Now go out and enjoy some delicious oranges.

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