Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sunburst Oranges Presents Orange Trivia

Yes, it is April Fools Day, spring and closing in on Easter Sunday.  Rather than a trick that might cause some strange reactions we thought we might share some trivia about "Orange."

Which Came First, Orange The Fruit Or Orange The Color?

The word orange, meaning a fruit, appeared in English as far back as the 14th century.  Orange as a color is first recorded in 1512.  The word orange came into English as a borrowing from the Old French "orenge" via the Arabic "naranj," which, in turn, came from the Persian "narang," which was derived from the Sanskrit "naranga," meaning "orange tree."  In case anyone is interested, the process by which a word adds or loses an initial letter (in this case the "n") is called metanalysis.

Is Orange A Primary Or Secondary Color?

Orange is a secondary color because it is made by mixing red and yellow, which are two of the primary colors (the other is blue).  The other secondary colors are green and purple.  Yellow, red, and orange are called warm colors, because they are associated with heat.  A 2003 study involving people from all over the world showed that orange was the favorite color of only 5% of both men and women; 22% of men and 33% of women listed it as their least favorite color.

Why Does Ireland's Flag Have An Orange Stripe?

The Flag of the Republic of Ireland is a tricolor with vertical stripes of green, white, and orange.  The orange color is supposed to represent the country's Protestant minority.  The flag's design is based on the French tricolor, and dates back to 1848.  It did not become the country's official flag until 1937. The Ivory Coast's flag is a mirror image of Ireland's, the same colors with the order reversed: orange, white and green.

Where Is The House Of Orange?

The rulers of the Netherlands are descendants of William I, Prince of Orange (1533 -1584), who was the eldest son of William, Count of Nassau.  Nassau was a German duchy in what is now Hesse, Germany.  When his cousin, René of Châlon, died childless in 1544, William inherited his titles, which included Prince of Orange.  Orange was a principality in southwestern France. So the Dutch royal family are actually Germans who take their name from a place in France.

England was briefly ruled by the House of Orange when Mary, the daughter of James II, married yet another William of Orange.  After deposing James in what was called "the Glorious Revolution," the couple ruled jointly as Mary II and William III.  They had no children, so upon William's death in 1702, the throne passed to his sister-in-law, Queen Anne.

Padparadscha Is The Name For The Orange Variety Of What Popular Gemstone?

While most people think of sapphires as blue, they can actually come in almost any color except red - a red sapphire is a ruby.  Orange sapphires are among the rarest of all sapphires; padparadscha comes from a Sinhalese word meaning "lotus blossom." Sinhalese is a language spoken in Sri Lanka, where the finest padparadscha sapphires are found.  Their color ranges from a brilliant orange to orange-pink.

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