Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sunburst Oranges Presents Orange Color Accents In Home Decor

A word you hear when it comes to home décor is “Pop”.  You want an item, feature or wall to, Pop! Some folks refer to needing a focal point or contrast feature.

Decorating a space in terms of color is as easy as 60-30-10. Don't believe me? Take a look at some rooms in magazines or in a designers' portfolio. You'll notice that the rooms you like the most are almost invariably divided into percentages of 60-30-10. Why this works is anybody's guess. Perhaps it is the human tendency to see an overall theme in the 60 percent hue, unifying the coloration. The 30 percent provides visual interest and the 10 percent, not unlike jewelry, provides that little spark of sparkle.
So, when decorating a particular room, divide the colors into percentages:
60% of a dominant color
30% of a secondary color
10% of an accent color

The accent color can be a wall or part of the furniture or items displayed in your room or even a wash of light and color play from windows and dividers.

Although finding the right color home accessories might be a breeze, figuring out what to do with them after you've brought them home might be a bit of a challenge. To ensure your home is filled with personality and style, we've gathered a collection of our best tips and tricks to teach you how to arrange wall art, choose accent pillows, showcase collections, and more. Whether your style is romantic and dramatic or simple and sophisticated, our ideas are sure to inspire your next decorating update. 

First, browse through our accessorizing basics to learn everything from how to choose a light fixture to how to decorate with mirrors to how to choose the right color or pattern throw pillows. You can also learn the art of displaying treasured valuables and collections to ensure your home stays filled with pieces that echo your life and your interests. 

No collection? No problem. You can start one and learn the basics of working a collection that's uniquely "you." You can gather a collection of affordable, yet trendy, home accents that are sure to bring new life to existing decor and add freshness and color to any space in your home.

Consider your location and the amount of light you have as well. Bright, hot colors work well in warm, sunny climes, where the sun diminishes their intensity. But they may not look as good in grayer northern climes.

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