Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunburst Oranges Presents: So You Think You Know Citrus

Here are some of the more interesting unusual citrus fruits that you may never have heard of. They include Nigerian Powder Flasks, Ortanique, Procimequat, Sinton and Yuzu.

Nigerian Powder Flasks (Afraegle paniculata) is part of a West African group of hard-shelled, citrus-like ball fruit. The trees can grow as high as sixteen feet and can be found in villages throughout Benin and Nigeria. The seeds are edible and contain an essential oil. The fruit is small, containing only eight segments which are full of seeds.

Ortanique (Citrus x nobilis) was discovered in Jamaica, as were its cousin the tangors (temple orange and ugli). The name is an amalgam of OR(ange)TAN(gerine)(un)IQUE. Climate affects the look, feel, and taste of this fruit dramatically. In tropical Jamaica, the fruit is seedless and a pale orange in colour, with juicy, sweet orange overtones and a thin rind. In Mediterranean Israel, the fruit has some seeds, a fairly thick rind, and a mid-orange colour. In semitropical Cyprus, is has a deep orange colour, many seeds, and a thicker rind.

Procimequat (Citrus aurantifolia) is a cross between the Eustic limequat and the Hong Kong kumquat. This small, round fruit grows in clusters on thorny branches with long deep green leaves. The smooth orange rind is soft and easy to tear. The flesh is dense and contains a few seeds and cotyledons. This is one of the fruits leading the study of true bigeneric backcrosses and a trigeneric hybrid, resulting in PRO(to)C(itrus)(L)imequat.

Sinton (Citrangequat) is an oval kumquat and rusk citrange hybrid that was first bred in Sinton, Texas. It is an attractive ornamental plant, with brightly coloured but highly acidic fruit. It has a tapered neck and a striking orange rind. The flesh is lemon yellow with a few seeds. The Sinton is harvested from December through March.

Yuzu (C. aurantium) is a distinctive hybrid citrus fruit, likely a variety of bitter orange. One of the most cold-resistant of the citrus fruits, it grows wild in Tibet and the interior of China. It is cultivated on a small scale in parts of China, but more so in Japan. 

The yuzu tree bears fruit from late autumn, and the sight of ripe golden yuzu suggests to the Japanese that winter is approaching. The fruit is the size of a mandarin orange and has a thick uneven skin and paler flesh containing many seeds. It smells something like a lime, but its fragrance is unique. 

The Japanese often wrap several of the fruits in cheesecloth and float them in a hot bath so they will give off a relaxing scent.

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