Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunburst Oranges – Citrus Farmers Face Many Problems This Year

Farmers face many problems in raising crops and keeping a position so they can grow from year to year. The drought and shipping issues are just two of them facing the California growers. 

The battle against the spread of the deadly citrus disease Huanglongbing and the insect vector Asian Citrus Psyllid continues. It is being fought on a much broader plain in Southern California where the industry funds nearly $15 million in an extensive trapping, treating, and outreach program. That information is updated constantly. 

Challenges on food safety, labor, regulations and regulatory costs, water, crop protection tools and trade are just a few elements in our portfolio. For our friends in the general public I urge you to take a look at the public resources on the Government and Industry stories in the news. 

The withering drought that has turned California rivers and reservoirs to dust now threatens to devastate the agriculture business in the country’s top farming state. President Barack Obama on Friday pledged millions of dollars in federal assistance to the state during a visit to Fresno, the biggest city in the state's once-lush San Joaquin Valley.

"The truth of the matter is that this is going to be a very challenging situation this year, and frankly, the trend lines are such where it's going to be a challenging situation for some time to come," Obama said Friday during a meeting with local leaders in Firebaugh, Calif., a rural enclave not far from Fresno.

Obama promised to make $100 million in livestock-disaster aid available within 60 days to help the state rebound from what the White House's top science and technology adviser has called the worst dry spell in 500 years.

For the farmers in a state that produces a third of the country’s fruits and vegetables, the help couldn't come soon enough. "It's really a crisis situation," Kenneth McDonald, city manager in drought-ravaged Firebaugh in Fresno County told NBC News. "And it's going to get worse in time if this drought doesn't alleviate." 

The President's Column coveys the views and opinions from the California Citrus Mutual President Joel Nelsen, on current topics affecting CCM members and the industry. For the producer members they try to refresh and/or update the information you need to profit from your farming efforts. Whether it be the market memo and its information, the weather station information or comments on issues directly affecting you it's all here for your review. 

Education, information and advocacy on behalf of this $2 Billion industry are our charge. The website is designed for several different audiences, more than growers and the general public. It is here to help the many different segments of our society and hopefully each will find something of value. 

Yes, it is a challenging time for industry. These challenges when addressed properly become pathways toward a solution set that can positively affect the industry. The citrus industry's ability to work together is our strength. The track record as an industry farmer and our industry's track record as an agricultural leader are proven. 

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