Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunburst Oranges Informative Newsletter Can Save You Money

Would you like a list of good reasons to sign-up for the Sunburst Oranges email newsletter? Okay then, here goes.

1. First of all it's free. For many people, that alone should be enough. But I know you all need more reasons than that!

2. You won't miss anything. It's hard to keep up with everything in this crazy, media-frenzied world. Sign up, and you'll get all of our important emails and specials.

3. Coupons. Occasionally we will issue coupons for discounts or special deals on our products or shipping. Online coupons are in the form of a code that you will enter on the checkout page that will trigger a readjustment of the pricing, shipping, or bonus products. Coupons offerings will only be issued through the newsletter so there you have reason one for being on the newsletter list.

4. We are going to pick comments from our readers and customers, and it could be you! Keep on sharing!

5. There will be a fun Quote (like on our website), taken from interesting stuff I've been reading and people we admire and respect. This may seem like a minor thing to you, but sometimes we read things that are really worth sharing, in and of themselves. They're funny or insightful or just plain true. I promise this will make you think (in a good way!).

6. If you sign up by the end of July 2014, you may be eligible to win a basket of a few of our favorite things! We will pick a lucky winner from among everyone who signs up; the winner will receive a gift basket put together by the incredibly talented Kristen Blue, and filled with some of her very favorite citrus things, which we are sure you will enjoy!

7. It will make you happy. Seriously, at its essence, this blog is about creating a happy place to share ideas, recipes, insights, and hope for a better citrus filled world.

8. It will make us happy, too. Hey, we don't ask for much. 

9. We'll be able to send you special alerts and we promise we won't abuse that privilege. If something really special or important happens, we can let you know and we think you will want to know because we have some really cool stuff planned for this year and next!

10. What, you expected a list of ten good reasons?  Did you think we were like David Letterman? No, he pays his writers much more than we do.  But, our Sunburst Oranges email newsletter will help save you money!

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