Monday, April 21, 2014

Sunburst Oranges: Pick The Right Orange For The Job.

For A Glass of Orange Juice

We all enjoy a great glass of fresh squeezed orange juice as part of our breakfast.  Did you know that the Valencia orange is the best choice for juice? The Valencia orange is the most ideal piece of fruit to squeeze at home for several reasons:

About 5 to 6 medium size oranges will make your eight ounce glass

You can squeeze a week’s worth, or more, of orange juice at a time

Make certain to keep refrigerated and do not let the orange juice become warm (heat-spiked)

The Valencia orange juice will taste great with terrific color and flavor.

Always Choose the Right Orange for the Job.

Why not use any orange for my orange juice?

The “other” popular orange is the navel orange. The most famous Navel orange, worldwide, is the California Navel orange. But the California Navel orange is grown to be eaten as fresh whole fruit and not processed into juice.

The flavor of Navel oranges can vary greatly among the different sub-varieties of Navel oranges now produced. In addition, the time of the season affects the flavor. The sugar to acid ratio (the determinant of the “sweetness and flavor” of the navel orange) can range from 8:1 to 25:1. The 8:1 ratio makes the Navel orange taste and flavor too sour and the 25:1 ratio makes the Navel orange too sweet, with a musty, over-ripe flavor.

The Navel orange can make excellent juice, but you need to consume the juice within a few hours of squeezing. Do not try to keep any Navel orange juice overnight in the refrigerator as it will be bitter tasting by tomorrow. This bitterness is due to an inherent chemical property of the Navel orange called limonin.

Why does the orange juice I buy in the store always taste the same?

The USDA sets a fairly narrow tolerance for the brix, ratio, and some of the other natural “chemical” characteristics of the orange used as the standards for the grade of “USDA orange juice” that is available for sale in the US. This standard has come to be recognized and used by most of the world.

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