Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Growing UPC Codes On Your Sunburst Oranges?

The other day I was shopping for a good looking bunch of Bananas. When I had found a great looking bunch I noticed that the price sticker was nowhere in sight. I began picking my way through the other bunches looking for a sticker I could apply to my best of the litter selection.

Another shopper noticed what I was doing and added a comment that caused me to freeze in my tracks.

“I just can’t wait until they can grow fruits and vegetables with the prices code right on them.” Was her comment.  I could only respond with “Sure, we should only hope that they can make that happen in our lifetime.”

That exchange reminded me of a story from one of our growers at Sunburst Oranges.

“A Canadian couple came into the office and said they were on vacation and saw orange trees for the first time… ever.

They said they looked at several trees with oranges on the tree, and asked where they could find a Sunkist grove, you know one that has the Sunkist name on the fruit.

This was way before PLU stickers, but we had a machine that actually stamped each Sunkist grade fruit with just the name, Sunkist, using purple ink.

After having to excuse myself to not break down in laughter, I came back and said, “let me show you around the packinghouse”. Of course on their “tour” we came to the machine that stamped the fruit and I never mentioned about trees that grew with the name on the fruit.

I gave them some oranges (non-stamped, as I recall) and thanked them for taking the time during their vacation to visit with us.”

We know it is possible to stamp at least some produce products with the UPC code so that pricing at check-out would not be a problem.  Except it just might raise prices. As the self-checkout stations become more popular they also have the technology to recognize some fruits, vegetables and other products using video images that are analyzed by computer.

Of course most of use take our produce from the display and carry it in plastic bags up to check-out so bar codes and image recognition have to deal with seeing into the bag as well.  If Murphy’s Law gets involved (and it always does) it will mean that all the codes will be facing the wrong direction anyway.

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