Thursday, January 19, 2017

Eco- friendly Cleaner Made Using Orange Peels

Tne eco-friendly multi-purpose kitchen aid my mother made a few years ago did not seem very appealing a few years ago. A telative started experimenting in the kitchen after reading several articles about an environmentally-friendly enzyme that has many uses. People use this to wash dishes and clean the floors as well as the toilet. You can also uses it to clean vegetables before cooking as it washes away pesticide.

Our family also apply the product on our skin when we are bitten by mosquitoes as it supposedly has bacteria-eliminating properties. It is pretty simple to make and a great way to make use of fruit skins that would otherwise be thrown away.

We store the mixture in used cooking oil bottles that have been cleaned. Just let the mixture ferment for three months and the enzyme will be ready for use. You can then use the fermented skin as fertiliser.

With the abundance of mandarin oranges during the Chinese New Year season, why not make use of the skin and make your own garbage enzyme?


Fruit peels (Navel orange peel in this case)


Brown sugar / raw unprocessed sugar

The ratio for brown sugar, fruit peels, and water is 1:3:10

For example, 500g of brown sugar + 1.5kg of fruit skin + 5 litres of water


Mix the brown sugar and water and pour it into a plastic container.

Add the orange peel.

Let it ferment for three months.

Use to clean.

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