Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Are You An Orange Juice Connoisseur?

For Orange Juice Connoisseurs nothing is more appealing than a glass of freshly squeezed Orange Juice.  Sadly, the true aficionado knows finding a company who still produces a genuinely ‘fresh’ orange juice has become nigh to impossible. The dairy case of any market is filled with many choices and many claims but “freshly-squeezed” is no longer as easily found..

A Short History:

The Farmers’ Dilemma

During the first decade of the 20th century and in the early years of the California citrus industry an enigma occurred- more oranges were being grown than could be sold. In addition, no real organization of the growers and the rapidly expanding citrus groves had yet been put into place. Consequently, in a land where orange was the ‘new gold’, citrus farmers were losing money and pulling out trees.

Advertising to the Rescue

In 1908, the recently re-named citrus growers’ co-op, Sunkist Growers, retained the services of the Chicago based and well-renowned adverting agency of Lord & Thomas. Albert Lasker, 28 years old at this time and now credited as a founder of the modern-day ad industry, created campaigns for oranges that encouraged consumers to both eat oranges, and also to drink orange juice. His campaign efforts were enough to lift the citrus industry from its slump and help create our taste-bud’s desire for that fresh-squeezed taste.  

New Discoveries & New Trends

Orange juice was quick to become its own industry in both California and Florida. But to preserve the juice to store and ship was the question of the technology of the day. Professor Thomas B. Mack of the University of Florida an avid collector of citrus information noted in his work

Citrus Facts II

A little known story is told that states that the first citrus concentrate was made in an ice cream freezer early in 1920 by Dr. J. E. Crump. Dr. Crump was a practicing veterinarian and citrus grower living in Winter Haven [Florida] at the time. Many other early attempts to produce citrus concentrate were made, but none proved successful until 1947 when Dr. L. W. McDowell and his staff, working for the Florida Citrus Commission, developed the product as we know it today.

Concentrates and NFC takes cares of the masses, but what about the true freshly-squeezed devotee?

The 1980’s & 90’s

The fresh squeezed orange juice business saw it’s heyday during this period. To keep freshly-squeezed juice viable for commercial sales processors implemented specialized handling and cleaning of the fruit, strict and regimented sanitation procedures, packaging innovation and proprietary inventory management programs. Companies, such as Odwalla and Naked Juice, could process fresh orange juice and became quite successful not only with the fresh juice but with the introduction of the ‘smoothie’, a drink with a mostly OJ base.

 Fresh Orange Juice Today

The fresh squeezed industry has changed with changing consumer requirements for guaranteed protection from food and beverage manufactures. In other words, the risks and worries to service the OJC’s of our time is not worth the potential loss or losses. OJC’s you are on your own! But SUNBURST ORANGES is here to give all the support and the all the oranges you need to satisfy the desire for the true freshly-squeezed taste of orange juice.

For over 30 years we have been a part of the fresh-squeezed orange juice industry. Sunburst Oranges offers its services and knowledge to provide the OJC (Orange Juice Connoisseur) the best orange available, at any given time of the year, to make the finest, premium, freshly-squeezed juice possible.

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