Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Honey Lemons Recipe

Are you looking for ways to use your spring crop of lemons? How about finding new ways to use  honeyed lemon slices and "lemoned" honey every day! You will love that you have raw honey on hand that already had lemon juice it.

Done right the process can take a few days, and a few shakes and a few pretty canning jars! And then you are on your way.

Alright, now let's honey a few lemons.

What You Will Need:

2-3 Sunburst Oranges lemons
Around 1 heaping cup of Sunburst Oranges honey
1 sterilized pint jar, ring and lid


Thoroughly wash and dry the lemons. Now slice them thinly, like you were going to put them into your ice water, or tea (because that's what you'll do in a few days!) Next you will carefully remove any seeds you find and dispose.

Carefully take your honey and pour a little bit in the bottom of your pint sized jar and then add a few lemon slices and then some more honey...then a few more lemon slices, and continue until your jar is full. Place lid and ring on the jar and give it a good shake. I mean a really good shake. Then set it in the fridge. And walk away, until the next day, when you will again shake it up again. You want to make sure each lemon slice gets good and soaked in the honey.

Allow your honeyed lemons to sit in the fridge for at least two days. After two days, go ahead and give the honey a taste. If you want it to be a bit more lemon tasting, put the lid back on, shake it vigorously and place in the fridge for another day. But be careful, you do not want your lemons to be in the honey longer than three days. After three days the lemon rinds start affecting the taste of the honey adversely. To say it another way: it will get bitter! blah! We don't want that. Our advice is to let lemon slices sit in the honey for 2 days and then remove. 

Carefully remove the honeyed lemons and set them on a plate. Cut into halves or quarters and freeze. Reserve the honey in the pint sized jar and place back in fridge.  You can use your lemon slices and honey for so many different things. Some of our favorite way to use them is in hot tea, as a topping on our breakfast yogurt and granola, in ice cubes, and in lots of different scone and muffin recipes...the uses are endless.

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