Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What Do You Know About The Cornucopia

They are two symbols that are so common to Thanksgiving that seeing them leaves little doubt as to their meaning. While not everyone does eat turkey for Thanksgiving it is the most popular symbol. For Fall or Thanksgiving the cornucopia is the second most popular icon. Here is some interesting information about this popular feature of the holiday.
Fun Facts About The Cornucopia
Here are some more facts about cornucopias that are entrenched in today's culture:

Cornucopias are made from all types of materials including metal, wood, ceramics, stone and, most commonly, wicker for baskets.

Cornucopias are sold at garden centers, gift shops, and craft stores and can also be found at garage sales and thrift shops.

Today a cornucopia may contain fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and breads, or leaves, flowers or even cattail.

It is used today as a symbol on the Peru, Wisconsin and Idaho flags

There is a mushroom named for its "Horn of Plenty" shape called Craterellus Cornucopiodes, otherwise known as the Black Trumpet.

There is an indulgent wine and food festival named Cornucopia (after its abundance of lavish food and wine tastings), that occurs every November in Whistler, British Columbia.

The "waffle cone" was named the St. Louis World's Fair's Cornucopia back in 1904 for its conical/horn-like shape.

A Thanksgiving Toast
Over the years, the cornucopia has been symbolic of prosperity, good fortune, fertility, and abundance of resources and Nature's gifts. Whether it is through art, history, religion or culture, this emblem has been depicted as much more than a simple but bountiful decoration at Thanksgiving time. It has become a symbol of American's thankfulness for all of the good things life has brought to them. Next time you are toasting to good health and fortune on Thanksgiving Day, you may just want to have one close by for good luck!

You can purchase Cornucopia baskets at a variety of places, including gift stores, crafts shops, flea markets, garage sales, and garden centers. After obtaining a Cornucopia, cleanse and consecrate it as you would any newly acquired ritual tool. One way to do this is by blessing it with tools of each of the Elements of Nature: Touch it with a bit of salt or soil (Earth). Annoint it with spring water (Water). Smudge it with incense (Air). Pass it over a candle flame (Fire). And, finally, using a quartz crystal, blessing wand, or other tool of Spirit, dedicate it to its intended purpose and align it with your spiritual practice and the form(s) of the Divine you work with.

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