Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sunburst Oranges Suggests… Add Nuts to Your Recipes

Normally on Tuesday we feature a recipe that is related to one of our product lines. This week it would be easy to pick out a favorite and present it here.  But, we thought we would add more reasons to add nuts to your favorite recipe. Or just sprinkle them over and into almost any dish, snack or salad you serve to your family or yourself.
Nuts can be the heroes in our diet. As the more research evolves, the more we see how these tasty and plentiful food sources, when eaten even in small amounts, work almost like magic. 

While they provide plenty of quality protein and fat for easy snacking, these nutritional powerhouses are also some of our favorite pantry ingredients. They’re great for everything from flour to fillers to mix-ins and more.

Add Good Fat Content
Nuts have different amounts of fat, of course, but, roughly speaking, a quarter-cup of any nut contains about 20 grams of fat. The fat in nuts, however, is highly monounsaturated, the same form found in abundance in heart-healthy olive and canola oils. Nuts are also rich in polyunsaturated fat, the other form known to lower cholesterol levels. They contain relatively modest amounts of artery-clogging saturated fat. So the fat you're getting is quite different than the kind found in, say, red meat.

Add Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Like tuna, salmon, and other cold-water fish, nuts tend to be high in omega-3 fatty acids. This complex biomolecule has been shown to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Add Nutrient Density
Nuts are jam-packed with micronutrients such as vitamin E, Folic acid, niacin, copper, magnesium, and potassium. They're also rich in arginine, which the human body uses to make a potent natural vasodilator. And don't forget the abundant flavonoids and isoflavones, the most recently discovered "guardian angel" compounds now thought to help ward off cancer and cardiovascular disease. 

Snacking on a handful of nuts or eating a muffin with is like eating a whole pharmacy, but so much tastier.

The Bottom Line
A healthier diet that includes regular nut-noshing and cooking with nuts, give the recipes below a try, can help improve your cholesterol profile. And despite the high fat content, you just might shed a few pounds, an effect some researchers suggest can be explained by the full feeling effect of nuts, which results in less eating overall.

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